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#166712 - Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Evie had scored but big!!! In this game of eat the pussy, younger was always better as they had the firm delectable bodies seniors like Marion and Evie could only dream about!!! Marion continued with her questioning of Anna with, Are you bi or les? Bi, Anna quickly replied, but I prefer females more! Marion stood up, walked over to Anna, lifted up her skirt, and asked, Could you please suck me, dear?!? As usual, Marion had forsaken her panties, and now her hairy muff bulged obscenely inches from Anna's young face! Anna merely had to lean forward, and her mouth took to Marion's cunt like a suction cup!!! Marion groaned as the talented little cuntlapper did her erect clit, and she moaned to Evie, God, Ev, she's sucking me just the way I like it, mostly my clit, but she does my crack too, while Evie looked on with glassy eyes as the little blonde cunt sucked her les frien

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