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#220696 - I helped her up and she went to bed promising to wake me if Rick goes to work early which he didn’t so that fucked my morning fuck with my sister, but l did get an invite from Sasha to pop around after school as her mother Annie wouldn’t be home till 5pm, also my sister and Rick were going to the DIY store then he was taking sis for a meal which meant l was free to visit Sasha. My sister Tina would come around in the afternoons, we found fucking each other more relaxing at my place, Tina admitted all she came to my place for was to get what was in my balls and after 9 weeks she announced that she was pregnant, we never spoke about whose baby, l fucked and filled my sister Tina 2 days before she had the baby and as soon as her stitches healed she was on my bed with her legs spread, also it was very convenient for Sasha to drop in on the way home. He was off for the next 7 days which meant l wasn’t going to be able to fuck my sister Tina, l wasn’t sure if it was that l wasn’t fucking T

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