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#124444 - I scream in pleasure and u smile as u kiss my rock hard nipples and squeezing the other then u get faster and I cant take it any longer I grab u and say 'I want you deep inside me now baby' I roll you on top of me and you kiss me all the way down to my cock you take it in ur mouth and to pay me back from earlier u punish me and you suddenly bite my cock gently. I push u away and u look confused 'u touched baby I didn’t say you could touch' u sit back and look at me with ur puppy dog eyes and decide to be a very bad boy and u grab my thighs and thrust them in to ur face and being to give me the best orgasm I start to lick u out in all kinds of directions slipping my tongue in and out and then I take my tongue out and I push 3 fingers into you wet pussy and I start fucking u with my fingers. I turn round and look at u and u smile but I don’t punish you I simply walk away and lay on the bed where I reach down and rub my clit and you are dying to help and you pounce o

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Sakuya aizawa
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