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#87237 - I wrapped my arms around Jan and snuggled up to her back, when she rubbed her bottom onto my cock I felt a little stirring within my cock and I proceeded to ask her how she felt about all that had happened tonight, we lay there and talked for at least an hour before I slipped my now hard cock back into her warm pussy from behind and gently moved in and out until Jan had just a small orgasm, it was to be our way of quietly saying that we loved each other. The assistant fluttered around the girls pulling and pushing the material into place, telling the girls they looked fantastic & of course the girls complimented each other, Sally asked the assistant if she would mind if they left the clothes on for a little while to make sure they were comfortable whilst they looked around the shop a little longer. Sally wrapped her arms around Jan and pulled in opening her mouth to accept Jan’s lips, Peter and I smiled at each other; our plans for Jan were working out just fine.

Read Gay Boy Porn naruto/sasuke gender bend - Naruto Puto naruto/sasuke gender bend

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