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#26288 - It was while the girls were sliding up and down one another’s bodies sharing the cum, that I saw the new guys arrive, Steve had met them and told them the rules, and now another 15 or so new cocks found the girls bodies and began to keep them busy. The girls were swimming naked in the pool when we joined them, my cock found Jan’s ass ready for use, going right in and opening her brown hole a little big ready for later, Steve was balls deep in Joy, I knew he would fill her ass fairly quickly too, as he loves her ass. He kept me tight as he gasped for air, my ass felt good, then as he lay back, I knew I had to be kinky, and moved, my ass over his face, he looked up but too late, his cum flowed out, he was covered in his own cum, as the last drops fell free, I pulled his arm up and sat on his fist, again he looked at me but I gave him no time to say anything, my ass went down to his elbow, his fingers began to move inside my ass.

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