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#113215 - While Ed was finger banging my wife I stood up in front of her and waved my cock in her face. He was a black man around 40 years old and in decent shape. I couldn’t even get her attention, the cock she has in her is so big can’t concentrate on anything but it! Now my wife is moaning load as hell and screaming OOOHH YESSS!!! FUCKKK MEEE WITHH BIGGG BLACKKKK COCKKK!!!! DON’T STOPPP!! Right then I am so excited seeing and hearing my wife getting fucked so good by this black guy that I’m stroking my cock so fast, I blast my load all over her back and watch it as it runs down between her butt cheeks, onto his cock and then right in her pussy which adds to all the cum that she has came since he’s been fucking her.

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Kyouko takizawa
I m transgender and uhh this hentai is honestly amazing asf