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#69857 - I acted calm even though everyone even her knew how shitscared I was of her “What are you talking about?” “If you going to act stupid I’m going to beat the hell out of the screw that fucken gay ass of yours” she slammed a fist against her hand “So how long have you two been at it?” “How did you know?” “Boy u scream like a bitch when you cum, I would’ve sworn that Linda was with a dyke” I felt embarrassed, so embarrassed that I felt my dick shrink at that moment “From when your sister leaves for Durban things are gonna change around here, OK” I nodded fast so she doesn’t have to beat the shit out of me. I felt a slow rise I’m my pants which she noticed and got closer “I will just have to take that as a yes the Fag boy wont I?” I didn’t move nor say a word, Zee held my erction in her hand and pinched it so hard that I thought she was gonna break it off and whispered in my ear “So what do you say are you in or out?” I whispered with tears flowing down my cheeks and agreed that I was

Read Gordinha (C78) [Studio Aruta (Kusui Aruta)] K-ON no Hon (Kari) 2 (K-ON!) [English] =TV= - K on Romantic K-ON no Hon2

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