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#320832 - It was great! Cassandra said, “Okay that will keep us quiet for a whole day! We will expect you in our cabin after bed check every night! Is that clear?” Mary said, “Yes it is clear!” Desiree asked, “Do we still have to attend your Religious Instructions Class?” Mary said, “I think the class will be better off without you! Perhaps you should be confined to your own cabin during that period to discuss anything you wish!” I said, “Great! Let’s go get our stuff!” Mary actually smiled at me and said, “See you tomorrow night!” Desiree grabbed my arm and practically pulled me out of the restroom. He replied, “No! I don’t want to fuck you again! I want to fuck my sister! I’ve always wanted to fuck my sister!” She said, “And I’ve always wanted you to fuck me! I just never had the nerve to ask you!” He said, “Me neither!” Desiree saw that his cock was hard and motioned for me to get in her bed so I did. Desiree even asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock

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