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#78990 - well lets just say that the guys in the locker room are jealous of my package. I was frozen as her tongue crept into my mouth and for the popcorn I finally managed to push her off. There I was laying in bed, I could hear that either mom or Kim was down stairs cooking breakfast, I was feeling rather anxious and needed to relieve some stress, so I got my laptop and started to look up some porn, I found this video of this guy with two women who were sharing his cock, one was sucking the shaft and the other was working the balls, I quickly reached one hand down and started to jack off, the video was really hot, the women looked like they were mother and daughter, right about the same age as Kim and my mom, I didn't really think too much about it, I was way into the porn, the older woman was working her tongue on the tip of the guys dick, right on the hole before he shot his load, then I heard him say it.

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