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#92520 - so as i sit here telling him what it is he ask am i gay ? i said i dont think i am y u ask he said cuz i never see u whit no one i say well its not easy to find some one u love to go that far and so on he said o ok and then and i got back to telling him what i waz befor he asked and win i waz all over he asked how u no u gay i told him what i waz told u like men and u want 2 do stuff whit them like n bed like your mom and dad do some times he said o and well theres where it all came about win he said what is that thing you got in your pants sticking out i said my dick u got one too he said yea but it dont stick out like that i said it can he asked how wellu got to make him want to pop out i said make it fill good u c so he did and. ok this is my frist story and its true trust me this is what i did not to long ago this mounth whit a friend of mine kids we look after on weekends plz be nice this my frist time doing this ok hope u like it and sry for my speeling i cant find spell chk

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Neru akita
Beautiful sexy lady so cute