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#79200 - ?” “Oh god, h-he came all over my chest and face, load after load!!!” “And of course you cleaned it up with your tongue, right?” “I did, I licked it all up, I never lost a drop!!!” “Of course, Mark’s never fucked a pair of tits has he!?!” “Oh yesssssssss I have!” “My girl friend has perfect tits!” “Does she let you fuck them!” “Yesssssss, she had bright pink nipples, I just love putting my cock on her chest!” “How does that sound to you, Gloria!” “F-fucking incredible, sweet jesus I’m gonna cum!” “I’m soooooooo fucking wet!!!” “W-what about you, Mark?” “Are you getting close?” “I-I’m jerking it, harder and harder, oh god, there it cums!” “All over my belly!!!” “Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” M-my pussy just let goooooooo!” “My clit, so hard and stiff!!!” “Cumming, over and over again!!!” “Wonderful orgasssssssssssm!!!” “My goodness!!!” That was quite the little demonstration, wasn’t it!!!” “I could her cocks and cunts popping all over Chicago!!!” “I’ll have to dry off my hands during t

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Nekomata okayu
Love thigh high nylon stockings you have gorgeous legs i just want to cum on those legs and feet
Fuck me in the ass ha ha