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#264305 - She knocked on my front door and I opened it to find a tall girl – she looked quite young – compared to how old she said she was, I guess that was due to her dislike of over-doing the make-up, she had green eyes, light pink lips and mousey brown hair that went down to half way across her chest, I reckon it just about covered her nipples. I sat straddled over her naked body apart from her underwear, allowing my eyes to roam over her naked body… I felt her body shiver beneath me as my eyes drank her in. She lowered her hands down and leant forward and took the zipper of my jeans and tugged down on them, struggling a little as she looked up at me, lifting my hand up to glance at my watch.

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Takuya aihara
Great i like it
Sweet jesus thank you for these hentais perfect body