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#18290 - What could I do? I felt as if I had drunk a draft of werewolf brew, my eyes yellow slits of desperation and lust, hairy all over, cock hard and throbbing, my entire being focused on only one thing -- cunt! All around me were huts, and in every hut were dozens of little cunts, bald and hairy, loose and tight, cunts sweating in the warm summer night's air, cunts with fingers in them, cunts dripping a last drop of piss on the sheets, four hundred cunts! One last look at the fucking of Lester, at that moment driving his cock up her cunt till it threatened to dislodge her tonsils, and I went off into the night, melting as it were, into the shadows. Briefly I thought of the Roman arena where women would be fucked by donkeys. For a moment I was tempted to forget about biting her box, and to plunge my throbbing cock into that wonderland.

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Yasuna oribe
Ain t nothing wrong with being a simp for a girl bro if you really like her and want something more it s cool just don t be simping for every girl you see and good luck hope she likes you back