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#89863 - Pink” as she slid them down to Amy’s ankles Crystal thought to her self wow what a nice pussy as she slowly leaned in and stuck out her tongue to taste Amy’s sweet juices holy shit Crystal thought as she started licking up and down Amy’s wet slit it tastes sooooo good and Crystal started to go harder licking u whatever Amy had to offer “OOOHHH YA I LOVE THAT” Amy went on screaming “UUUUUMMMMM LICK THAT CHOCOLATE PUSSY” and Crystal continued to go harder and harder and then slid her two fingers into Amy an Amy had done to her before “YAHHH BABY RIGHT THERE” Crystal started to feel Amy get ready to climax and continued to suck on her clit until Amy Blurted “IMMMM CUMMMINGG” Crystal just started to lick all of what Amy could give her making sure she didn’t waste a single drop “AWWW YAH baby that was amazing” as Amy got up and swapped tongues with Crystal as Amy got to taste her wonderful juices “its not over yet” Crystal replied as she ran down to her room and grabbed her pink friend “you

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