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#267451 - She was early 20's at this time, a real naturally beautiful girl with a very innocent look, long dark brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes, quite pale white, shortish, 5,5 with nice perky breasts, shes average bulid but not skinny and has the perfect big arse. Being quite shy she kept to herself and her friends, they were cool and friendly guys and they all started drinking together, after a few more drinks she was tipsy and more chatty so started to talk with the group, they danced and drank and had a good night, eventually they all got a bit carried away and ended up very drunk, by this point she was dancing with two or three of them on the dance floor, they had there hands all over her feeling her up and groping her she didn't think anything of it just dancing and having fun, by the end of the night she was very drunk and almost passing out. She is very shy and introverted, but shes a slut at heart that enjoys being treated as such, and this comes out when she drinks.

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