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#289838 - Dan was fucking Claire’s ass fairly slowly, I told him that if he wanted her to come he would have to get a little rougher. Louisa screamed at the top of her lungs “JESUS CHRIST, he’s in my cervix Dan, his cock is huge!” “Glad you like it” said Claire “Dan's is nice and thick but not as long, buts he’s really stretching my ass” “Lucky you’re on the pill babe, im sure these two don’t want a kid at the moment” Louisa continued to bounce up and down on my cock, trying her hardest to make my glands penetrate her cervix as many time as she could, I took her huge breasts in my hands and moulded them and twisted her nipples, like Claire she liked her tits to be abused. She then offered her cum coated fingers to Claire, it was clear that the cum had started to mix with the shit in Claire's hole as it had a brown tinge, Claire didn’t care she sucked the offered fingers greedily until they were clean.

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Yukari sahashi
She should this cute wheelchair guy
I feel uneasy watching this it somehow feels wrong