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#376492 - As we drove home Brenda was describing what she was thinking when the guy started sucking her tits and how she could taste mint when he kissed her and confessed that she was so close to letting him put his hand into her knickers but wasn’t sure how l would react, l informed her we will have to sit down and discuss that another time if she wanted to go dogging again. Saturday couldn’t come quick enough for me, and Brenda was just as excited but tried not to let on, if l got asked once what should she wear l got asked a thousand times then finely Brenda decided on a low plain buttoned front, her tits were firm for her age so there was no need for a bra which would show off her large dark nipples then a cardigan over the top to still be revealing, her skirt hung above the knees but when she sat it rose up her legs, l don’t know what Brenda was expecting but she held up 2 pairs of knickers, l pointed to the lace fronted pair and she slid them up her smooth tanned legs, Brenda did look

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