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#204066 - . Amber behind her mask, could hear breathing and signs of approval “please what are you going to do to me I shouldn’t be here” she recognised Micky's voice he sounded quite menacing “were going to make all your filthy dreams cum true slut all of them” his hands stroked her tits weighing them, watching her nipples once again hardened smiling he started to pull them stretching them away from her body, Amber bit her lip with the pain. She quickly sat over Amber’s face telling her to start eating “you've had your fun know your going to eat my cunt and arse till I cum” Ray had his chopper out and started feeding it down Bet’s face “fuck Bet you must be one of the best cock suckers around” Don couldn’t believe it another bloke was climbing between Amber’s legs a big grin on his face sliding his dick into that soppy messy cunt.

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