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#17938 - She was sittin there behind me talking and rubbin on y shoulders when she said “Petey, I think you need to make a stop so that YOU can get off!” I pulled in behind a shoppin center, where the delivery trucks go, and I set the brakes. Her tits rolled around making her swollen nipples trace wide circles in the air, her nostrils flared as she opened her mouth and panted out, “OHH Petey! Fuck me wit yo young hard white dick!” One hand reached down below her wiry nest of black pubic hair and after feeling my stiff pole slide in and out of her twice, she started rapidly rubbing over the top of her gash where her two swollen purple lips met. That baby was a slurpin on the end of her tit and every now and again she would pull him from it and I could see that there in the middle of her “darker spot” on the end of her tit, was a big, wet, purple nipple that was every bit as big as a nipple on them baby bottles.

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Kyousuke hyoubu
Im so jealous
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What is her name