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#246610 - I opened my legs and I was that turned on I was dripping! I pushed the Vibrator Inside me and turned It on It felt so good I played with the buttons It went round and round up and down and and the bunny ears for your clit was more than amazing I was so close to coming when the door swung open It was Him! who's being a naughty girl on my bed? he said sorry I was just em. We arrived at this lovely house It was huge must have had at least 5 bedrooms! I asked do you live here yourself? Yes he replied I bought It a few years back when I got a rise In my wages Its stunning I replied We ran over to the front door the rain was still teaming down bad he put me in front of him whilst he pushed and turned the key in the lock feeling his body against mines made me shiver Inside he was so good looking Would you like one of my shirts to wear whilst i wash your clothes? yes, that would be great I replied Then I thought to myself this Is the best day off my life I've

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