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#177600 - Pulling m top off she kissed my chest, then moved on to my neck while undoing my buckle and pulling off my pants - “I love it when men wear belts, it fires me up” once I was free of any clothes, she pulled off her skirt and to my surprise ;there were no panties under it, she was totally ready to go, she took my dick in her mouth and caressed the head gently with her tongue, I had to concentrate deeply because I was ready to blow, three years of sexual starvation does that to me…. My entire family was waiting for me in the lounge room, and after a brief hello, my older brother invited me to come to the dinner table, there was a big smile eon his face, “I want you meet the next missus Carl Jones” he said as he led me to the dining room. there was an uncomfortable pause, maybe she was just playing hard to get, or maybe by now she has lost interest, I was almost ready to turn around and walk off when she responded – “Emily, Emily Brooke”.

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