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#39744 - At first he just put the neck of the bottle into me… As he did , I began to moan, not from pain but from pleasure. He became more excited and he pumped me harder as I wrapped my long legs up around him and humped him as hard as he was humping me… He humped for what seemed like a very long time and my pussy was stretching to widths that it had never been before. Bill and I watched them for a while and I said, “Are you going to fuck me?” He said, “Yes I am going to fuck you but when I want to, not just because you are horny.

Read Caught EARTH WIND AND FIRE - Onegai teacher Piercing EARTH WIND AND FIRE

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Shoukichi naruko
Video is good need more closeups tho closer shots of penetration seeing it go in and out different positions
Suzuka asahina
I fingered myself while watching this vid my pussy was so wet thanks