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#35336 - He gently stroke her hair, feeling her breathing growing slower and steadier, he knew that they would have to clean up soon, but at the moment he didn’t want to move, nor did he want to disturb Maryse, he kissed her temple and whispered in her ear, “I love you Reese. The two threw up their arms in celebration, “Whoohoo! The Ant still has it!” Andy did a silly little robot dance and Joe was laughing at him, the sudden squeeze of his right buttock almost made him jump out of his skin, “Wha…!” He turned to find Maryse standing behind him, dressed in a fluffy white jersey, blue jeans and faux fur-lined boots that came up to her calves and wearing a huge grin, “Hey there stud. Joe and Andy was in the park, tossing an old football around when it occurred to Joe that it was only two days before Maryse’s departure to college and from the way she was running around he probably wouldn’t get to say goodbye.

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