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#166201 - ‘’my new name’’ ‘’jessie captain jessica hiller’’ I need you to transport yourself to my home and your ship to get off earth. We landed a half mile from it so we wherent spotted on radar if they had one I pulled out my field binos It was huge! The size of a 757 easily and I spotted out of the corner of my eye a small area where 10 civilians where cleaning up debris under guard by what looked like 3 huge rats with what looked like some kind of weapon that looked like a super soaker but I remembered the report word for word and knew they where no water gun Something was odd here The survivors where stripped naked 4 males 6 females all looked as if they had been through hell I opened up the com again ‘’wraith do you see those survivors under guard?’’ ‘’sir yes sir’’ came her answer ‘’ive got em in sight and got three body bags with their name on em’’ I paused ‘’take em out wraith. When I came to I felt cold and noticed I was floating in the air and I was naked ‘’what do you thi

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