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#257963 - Things did not go off as she planned, JJ said that they had to keep her inside until they gave up looking for he which could apparently take any ammount of time, at first she saw no problem with this, but started to with the little time JJ was around, don't worry, Katlin, JJ will find time, he did for me, but taking on a new member is dangerous, we could get done for kidnapping or somthing, you will see when everything dies dows JJ will be here most the time, Willow said comforting her new friend, she loved taking the youg girls under her wing, even though this one was with her ex Lover who she was still mad about, but she decided to look around that. The amount of cum was so big, she swolled as fast as she could but could not hold all of it as some leaked from the side of her mouth and feel onto her tits, after swollowing what she could she scooped the rest onto a finger and sucked it off, then the two of them fell back into a deep and very peacful sleep. JJ was not sur

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