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#134556 - . I couldn't help myself but look between her legs and saw her pussy was gapped open and quivering from every bit of it I could see and filled to the brim with their combined cum juices as little gushes of it came from her pussy and spilled out onto the mat below!! It took her a good 30 minutes or so after that to even move an ounce and when she did I could hear little whimpers of the pain pleasure it caused from being fucked as never before and as she sat up her belly was swollen out firmly and she put her hand there and cried out Oooh ittt's stilll innn meee and ssssoooo hhhottttt My bbbeelllly filllss ssso ffulll! I said; That happens when they get their cock into your cervix and what your feeling is all that hot cum bottled up in your womb right now! She leaned over onto me and her entire weight was against me as she was shuddering and giving out little mmmnnnpphh sounds!!! I explained to her; The best way to get it out of you is push ag

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