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#220333 - On their next meet he took Sally out for dinner to celebrate him planting a baby in my wife’s belly and that evening Greg slid the engagement ring onto her finger she was so happy at being engaged to Greg and carrying his baby. When they came back Sally and Greg began undressing each other as they kissed, my wife got to her knees in front of Greg took his cock down her throat l could hear her choking as Greg pulled her head further onto his cock, next he fucked Sally doggy style and he must have been fucking her well that way as she demanded he shot his creamy load in her hole and Greg did, she screamed out as he held her hips and pumped load after load deep inside her they both flopped forward onto the bed panting, Sally told Greg that his cock fitted her pussy like a glove his cock was hers and her pussy was all his. He was married but the sex with his wife was nil, it seemed the men we meet all have the same problem with their wives.

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Yeah this is definitely porn
Qual o nome da filha dela