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#116864 - com) ********************************************************************** Part 5 - Jessica's on the job Following her down the hall, Jerry was right behind her Go ahead she is waiting in there, I'm sure she will be surprised to see you, he he He said placing a hand on her shoulder, You trust me to go in and spit her alone? Jessica asked That's the deal and when you are done with her there are four more spits now available and waiting to be filled, think you can handle that? Jerry said removing his hand from her shoulder. Looking toward Jessica I do have one request for you Jessica Jerry said while watching her work You were so good in bed, would you be willing to join me in bed and take care of my needs from time to time? he asked Jessica turns to Jerry Why me, with so many girls here to take why would you ask for me? she asked as she continued her work guiding the spit into the meat-girl's pussy and watched as it began tearing into her body

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