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#252949 - Rose and Adrain turned up shortly afterwards, quickly saying hello and joining in, Adrain joining Grant and Sue as Rose helped me take care of Gary, soon Sue got her wish as Grant sucked Adrain's cock, right in front of her eyes, Gary saw it but looked away. Gary enjoyed fisting us both, and watched as guys face fucked Sue, at one time a guy made her lean back and stuck his cock in her pussy, Gary said how strange it felt feeling a cock inside his wife's body, then as the guy flooded her pussy with cum both Sue and I had a great orgasm, Sue then sat over Gary's face and let the cum drop into his mouth, he ate it all. Gary was shocked to see his wife take such a large toy and enjoying it too, his pace picked up in Grant's ass, I was now ramming the vibe fully home and Sue was loving every thing she got.

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