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#389945 - ******************************************************************************************************************** Thanks for reading could everyone please rate and comment ,, and if you got any ideas please suggest them and they might end up in my 3rd story. It was the second day of the camp and we where at the beach with our swim shorts on we where jumping over the waves to get further into the water but as Danny is small he had to jump on my back, I could feel his cock grind against my back which made me go slightly hard, likely he didn’t notice I then got him off my back and slid him around my body to the front like I was hugging him and I told him to stand on my hands, whilst he was doing this his semi hard cock rubbed against my face and I was in heaven, after being like that for five minutes he slide back down and we went back to shore as it was cold. It was a camping trip

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Kozue yusa
Omg this is hot please post more
Bridget evans
Oh googly moogly that ass is asstasstick baby but after he busted on your ass he shoulda used his dick to rub the cum round your ass like a paintbrush lol
I love tiny girls but her face is too masculine though