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#63645 - As it quickly began to harden I raised myself onto my knees and opened my legs as wide as possible giving my son the same view of my sodden cunt as he’d had 14 years and three months previously! Freddie let me get his cock nice and hard before he began probing the entrance to my hole with the fat tip of the dildo, then with no finesse at all he shoved all 7 inches deep inside my cunt until it knocked the breath out of me and I could feel it deep in the pit of my stomach. “Fucking Hell mam!” My son drunkenly slurred, “You look as game as fuck! Are you on a promise tonight?” “Not really!” I giggled as I straightened my dress, “I just felt like dressing up for once”. The dirtier the names my son called me the hotter and wetter I became.

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Kazama iroha
Mj fresh
Miu furinji
Great scene the camera was in a wonderful spot to catch the setting sexy outfit and of course all the hot action by the teacher herself thanks for sharing it
I can t jerk because i have to laugh
Meiling li
Those tiddies seem fake