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#216003 - Bobby continues to clean up the world one name at a time and the world is aware, news reports continue to talk about the return of Kira. She touches it and says what is this? a bible? Bobby laughs and says it's your turn Kular and Melanie sees Kular moving towards her, Melanie starts screaming hysterically when Bobby says Melanie is it? calm down my friend here is going to offer you a deal you CAN'T refuse Kular offers Melanie the eye deal but before Melanie can say anything Bobby says it's really very simple Melanie, you either take the deal or you die right here right now . Bobby says I knew there was no afterlife or a biblical God or a Heaven or Hell but to be honest I'm very suprised that beings like you exist the conversation is interupted when Bobby hears his mother crying, he runs downstairs and asks what's wrong and his mother says I just got laid off from my job, 15 years and just like that it's all over, oh well that&

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