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#54094 - 'So tight' you say starting to thrust, slowly at first, letting me get used to the invasion, getting harder and faster, until you are fucking my arse with force. Taking me to the kitchen, you turn me to face you 'You disobeyed me earlier and for that you will be punished, I am expecting a delivery and I was going to leave you upstairs, however now you will stand here, legs open, facing the door, although i will pull it to, you will not move, and I am going to talk to my friend, I am going to take my parcel and I am going to invite him in for coffee, if he accepts, he might sit in the room, or he might follow me in here when I make it' As I listen, I start to shake my head 'Please , you cant do that' I say 'You cant let anyone in to see me like this sir' 'I can and I will' you say, your cock twitching again as you see the fear in my eyes 'You had better hope he is in a hurry' and as if on queue the door bell rings.


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Hibiki houjou
One crazy ass b tch
Sona buvelle
Damn ouch lol