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#161923 - I started to go through her underwear when she is out, especially the dirty cloths so I could smell her pussy stain and smell her bra to enjoy her body flavor. My love of women’s clothes went anther step further when I stated to notice my mothers underwear, mother was a great lady she was 39 years old but she had a beautiful body, I peeked one her some times when my father was not in the house especially when she had a shower there was a window in her bed room which was perfect for peeking she did not close the curtains since she did not suspect that her boy was peeking on her. I tried some of her bras and panties on, again the used ones only.

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Herman carter
Mika sumire
Sousuke sagara
Alleykatt we are both very lucky to have such understanding men so much jealousy imagine if more couples were like us there would be less splitting up and dv i laugh when friends and celebs get caught cheating and split or have big fights there is a lot to be said about swingers and open relationships