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#140643 - In bed that night I could smell his aftershave all around her neck and I asked her if she was ready for Sam she hugged me and asked if it would be ok and would I like to watch as Sam has suggested me be there. It was on the fourth night as we sat down to dinner that a new guest arrived at our table he was around 6ft I say 60 and very black he wore a white dinner jacket and bow tie and had the grace of a perfect gentleman , the ladies at the table all blushed and enjoyed the vision even my wife took a deep breath he introduced himself and sat next to my wife and it was not long before he was chatting to all of us the evening was eventful to say the least it was evident that Sam had made a huge impression on us all. Over the next week we saw lots of Sam and even met him for coffee several times Kim was so relaxed around him we even spoke about him while in bed and I noticed she was a little randy after mentioning his name , so I used Sams name while I stroked her back and found she r

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Fucking hot
Madoka ayukawa
I agree with evilc44 more kissing your deep kissing makes me nut every time
Kaede saitou
Wow great hentai