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#121372 - I told him I was going to clean up a little bit and put the food away mind you I am stalling now because the bed room is the last place I want to be. he rolled off of me and uncuffed me and then pulled me close to him and held me while i cried and he said that it was the best sex he had ever had but he said we aint down yet i still have one whole i have to fill i asked where and he said my ass and i said please nomore i cant take it he then said that he would be gental and he would use lub to help get his cock in me we layed there for a while and he had a smoke then he put it out and rolled me over on my back and told me to get my hands and knee's he then thrusted back in my cunt a fucked me and i was moaning loud and he was thrusting faster and he bent over and wispered in my ears saying see i told you my bitch would love it by the end of the night then he pulled out and went to the box and grabbed some lub and squeezed the tub at my rosebud puckered asshole and then rubbed it

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Reki kyan
Bro same
Cure macaron | yukari kotozume
I wish i could get fucked like that
Charlotte e. yeager
Guys do you have more christmas sweaters or still have this one
Soga no tojiko
Youre definitely in rockin shape super sexy