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#113360 - I was rock hard and found the act of violating the sanctity of her sleep incredibly horny, another increase in the butterfly's speed and the constant stimulation from my fingers of her depths started to cause an increase in her breathing, I new her body was ready to accept my throbbing penis, her hips swayed gently in time with my fingers, she moaned gently and I watched her face, her eyes were flickering and I guessed she was dreaming, her mind providing her with some erotic scene, that suited the stimulation her body felt, her hips rose up, her pussy clenched firmly around my fingers and an extended groan escaped her lips, then moistness enveloped my fingers, I withdrew them sucked them free of her juices and slid my tongue inside to taste the result of her apparent orgasm. I felt the familiar tingling deep in my groin and knew that I couldn't postpone the inevitable, I pulled out rolled her onto her back and slid inside her, covering her mouth with mine I thrust hard and

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Kurumi tokisaki
I need this to be done to me so badly
No oral sex from male to female male actor is too lazyyyyy