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#96216 - When my orgasm came, it was a relief, as my burning insides involuntarily went into spasm, clenching and unclenching his swollen tool, as my semen finally escaped from my body in one long, draw-out, dribbling spurt from my semi-erect tool, onto the sand below. I lay there, freed but naked and abused, a burning, throbbing ache in my backside and cum oozing and dribbling from my anus, over my shrunken balls and onto the sand beneath me, mixing with the product of my own feeble orgasm which still dribbled from my shrivelled manhood into the sand. I cried out in agony as I felt my insides involuntarily clench his tool, as my prostate was violently and forcibly milked.

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Haruko haruhara
I love getting my ass eaten
God damn she is pretty with her glasses