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#245077 - I daren't play with my pecker though just in case they call earlier than expected and I'm SO EXCITED about being able to play with myself as I listen to them shagging on the phone! I can't believe how much of a sad little perv I turned out to be but I'm turned on and horny than ever in my life. I realised what she had done to me and I deserved it in fairness:- I'd just thanked her for giving me something to wank off over while I was speaking on loudspeaker for everyone she was with to hear! My social life might well be over but at least my perverted mind was turned on by the whole situation and for the time being my sore little dick was satisfied enough to get soft again. Edit @ 17:02pm: Oh my god! I was afraid that she was going to break up with me now that she knows how pathetic I am but she is going to let me carry on being her boyfriend in public! I had to sleep on the floor after I posted the story earlier as they were asleep but when they woke up

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Shaorin shugogetten
She is so sexy
Ranma saotome
Wow wow hot hot and very sexy
Mikage matsunaga
This makes me wish i could experience a female orgasm for a day