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#44465 - I also gave her a kiss on the lips like she did me, then we both got into bed together and went to sleep. I asked Sue if we could not talk about sex but she pushed on with the subject so I did answer her questions as I did not want to lose her as a friend by not talking about it, of course I had not touched a cock and was still a virgin, the only cock I had ever seen was my brothers when he was a baby nudity was also not something that was done in my house I had only even seen my mum naked once when she had forgotten to lock the bathroom door when taking a shower and I went in to wash. she said shall we put some music on and went across the room to her HiFi and put a CD in it and pressed play, she came back and sat on the bed next to me and out of the blue asked if see her and her brother naked had turned me on, what I said in surprise.

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