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#74073 - I suppose deep down I had known for a while that it would only be a matter of time before the shit would hit the fan, but I never expected to happen like this, not by the guy I loved most in the world, often after I had touched up or sucked off a sleeping friend, I would go in to panic and guilt mode, worrying that they might have woke up and caught me, that they might tell people what I had done to them, after each time I done something sexual with another guy I would go on a serious downer and swear to myself that this was the last time ever. When Gary heard this, he started ranting that he was not my fucking lover, he then told everyone at the party that I was a bender and had tried to get into his boxers ,that I had groped his cock and tried to kiss him, he was drunk and it was obvious he was furious with me, and made it clear that he was being serious, everyone at the party was laughing and pointing at me calling me all the benders, poof’s, bum boy’s, all the usual childish cra

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Cure pine
Yep thanks
Mikoto misaka
She sounded like some mouse or crap